• Key words & Interests


    Key Words: Paragon Communication Leading Expert-Motto design//Design Thinking - Innovation – Intercultural Expert//Capacity Building//Sustainable Strategies of Communication-Internationally experienced//Network aggregator//Inspirator//Mentor//


    Interests: Gender Equality//Transnational Framework-Migrants Sustainable Integration//Identity-Civic engagement-Sustainable Communities//Education- Sustainable Learning//Global citizenship& Democratic Values//

    Founder at "B1-AKT Leading Sustainable Strategies & Paragon Communication"

    Involved in the world of politics Laura is very active in supporting and advising political figures as senior political adviser. Her life and background are international, her experiences intercultural, her sharp and agile thinking is able to adapt both “in” and” out of the box” thinking. With more than 15 years’ experience as leading intercultural expert, she brings a wealth of experience and insight to several peacekeeping missions and she continues to help determine the overall strategy and direction of AKT AS 1- Leading Intercultural Training Institute that she created.


    She believes that a cultural “hybrid identity” is a sustainable key of social development. Laura is cultivation a thriving ecosystem for social innovation and more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive communities.Trans-nationally, trans-lingually and trans-culturally are the key words she uses for a “sustainable future”. As builder of sustainable communities, she decided to create, together with Yannick Le Guern, the Migrant Sustainable Integration Lab. Migrant Integration Lab aims to provide a transnational framework defining sustainable actions (migrant integration, economic development, job creation, promoting democracy and solidarity) by fostering cohesion, gender equality, tackling social exclusion, poverty and generational as well as demographic disparities.


    She breaks Management, Language & Communication barriers and believes that successful communication is to be able to comprehend, speak and understand the “culture”. Laura also strongly believes that creativity drives innovation, innovation drives entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship drives sustained economic growth.


    Being an Intercultural Mediator, a Fellow, a Change Maker and Mentor is what she does best. As mentor, she cares about the future of democracy and the wellbeing of generations to come, helping young people believe in themselves and their abilities to improve the world, as to create positive social impact. As a fellow for the Change Makers Alliance, Laura shares Humanity and builds a better world!